The Rest Easy Adjustable Dream is a dual motion wall hugger design with a wireless control system. The Dream offers an auto-flat position, zero gravity, pairing, anti snore and lounge/tv position

Features a 30cm Medium Soft Mattress offering natural latex and Visco gel infused memory foam

King Single Size           $3999  $2299

Queen     Size  Solid  Mattress       $4899  $2999

King  Size Split Bed            $6999  $4499

Super King Size Split Bed     $7899  $4999

Helping the aid of better circulation and swelling, back pain, arthritus, sleep apnoea and snoring.

Offering a 200kg safe working load including mattress, auto-flat position and wall hugger system.

It is operated by a wireless control

Medium Soft Feel Mattress

Headboard is additional.

The eFlex Dream has two electric motors – one to raise your head and another for your feet. Using the wireless remote control, you can adjust the bed to suit your sleeping style and health needs.

Special features

German-designed motors and remote control Height-adjustable feet (38.5cm to 48.5cm) to accommodate different mattress heights 5-year warranty for frame and parts.


The feet-up position is the best way to soothe aching feet and legs. It also helps with swollen legs or feet.


The head-up position is great for reading and breakfast in bed. Head-up also helps to minimise snoring and make breathing easier.


This knees-raised and head-raised position helps with back pain. It’s also a relaxing positon for watching TV and reading. If you struggle to get in and out of bed, this position can help.


Flat is best if you like to sleep on your side. You can make small adjustments to decrease pressure on your hips


Side Remote
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